Question #2 : Who are those good people?

Question #2 : Who are those good people?

They always help poor people.
They are loyal to their beliefs, from the day they were born until today.
They practice their beliefs everyday, day and night.
They discuss their thought and knowledge with their friend who shared the same beliefs.
Good people.

But then,
When they help, they always need others to acknowledge it.
When they are loyal, they brag it to other people.
When they practice their beliefs, they want people to praise them.
When they met people with different beliefs, they are furious.
They disrespect others, they abuse verbally and physically when they are outnumbering the “enemy”. As you know, they don’t have sufficient intelligence and power when they stand alone. They spread like cancer, . Ruining the peace others trying to make. Its like watching a group of people trying to lit a huge rainforest with fire from the inside, while others trying to plant trees one by one from the outside.

They do this as if they know that their beliefs is the ultimate truth.
Bear this on your mind, “believe” is what you do when you gave up to “learn” about your beliefs.
Do not believe your beliefs, but learn more about your beliefs.

Now again,
Who are those good people?
A : “Religious” people. Exclusively the closed-minded one

Feel free to feel offended, so we can spot you.


By : Nago Tejena

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