Question #1 : Who’s the real Fools?

Question #1 : Who’s the real Fools?

The Geniuses, contribute their life to identifying the world’s flaw, then trying to find the ultimate solution.

When they bring the problem to the table, meeting the Fools to discuss the solution, conflicts arise. The Fools blinded by their greed, lust, and ignorance. Thinking the flaw is an opportunity to fulfil their void of joy. Blind and aroused, they try to make their flawed logic happen. Decision unclear, truth will be taken by poll.
Voting itself is a wrong way to point the truth. Democracy, is just a game of power. The bigger the group, their point of view will be taken as truth. Assuming the number of fools and geniuses scattered in normal curves, their number should be the same. But in reality, fools often win. This happened because the “Average” tend to choose the Fools side. They are too lazy to think and easily deceived.

The Fools win the poll. Geniuses struggled, their dream for a better world crumbled before their eyes.

Geniuses killing themself, while the Fools breeding
The number of Geniuses lessen, the Fools spreading.
Therefore, the whole cycle of truth-poll continues

Points taken :
1. Geniuses will suffer, the Fools will be happy
2. Geniuses will convert to Fools tempted by their mere joy and guaranteed winning
3. Democracy is useless when the fools are in charge
4. A Nation of fools will be on the top of the chain

Now Again,
Who’s the real Fool?


by : Nago Tejena

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